Inter-District Attendance Transfer Requests

Inter-District Transfers Requesting Transfer to SGUSD

The Inter-District Application form is below. You must first obtain a release from your district of residence.

Outgoing Inter-District Transfer Requests

The Inter-District transfer form for release is available below. Some documentation may be required. Please see the SGUSD San Gabriel Unified Transfer Policy and reasons for which SGUSD may grant a release (including the documentation that is necessary for each reason). 



Intradistrict Permits:

SGUSD values its neighborhood schools. If an SGUSD family wishes to attend an elementary school that is not their neighborhood school they may apply for an intra-district permit between February 16 - June 18, 2021. The only exception to this deadline is for new families who enroll in SGUSD after June 18, 2021.

Contact Director Ruth Esseln for information about intra-district permit process at or (626) 451-5487.

Dual Language Immersion Programs


Students who live in a District other than San Gabriel Unified and are accepted into an SGUSD Dual Language Immersion program may complete an application for an inter-district permit at the time of acceptance.


For more information about the SGUSD Dual Language Immersion Programs, please click on the link to the right.


SGUSD Inter-District Application

SGUSD Inter-District Application (Chinese)

SGUSD Inter-District Application (Spanish)