There are three types of permits that SGUSD offers; they are and intra-district, inter-district acceptance, and inter-district release. Inter-District "permits" are formally called "Inter-District Attendance Transfer Requests." 

What is an Intra-District Permit?

Transfer from one SGUSD Elementary School to another SGUSD school (requires District approval).

The intra-district permit request window will open April 8, 2024 and close May 24, 2024. Families will be notified after August 1, 2024 regarding placement. The button below will not work until April 8, 2024. 

Intra-permits are approved space permitting during the window at the requested school site.  Priority is given to students whose enrollment is complete. Students accepted into a DLI program who live in SGUSD do not have to complete the intra-district permit.

The window for students who live within the SGUSD boundaries and wish to attend a school other than their school of residence will opens April 8, 2024. Families must apply by May 24th.

The student's enrollment must be complete in order to apply for an intra-district permit. This is done at the student's home school.

Please be aware that not all sites and grade levels will have availability. Requests are determined based on space availability.

Transitional Kindergarten students are assigned to their school of residence unless the program is full. In that case other schools in SGUSD are an option for families.

  •  Intra-district transfer requests are granted based upon space availability, siblings, student conduct, and attendance.
  • Parent/guardian assumes responsibility for providing transportation to and from school.
  • A student on an approved intra-district transfer may be subject to reassignment due to excessive enrollment at a school site.
  • Once a student is granted an intra-district transfer for the school requested, they will attend the school(s) until the completion of 5th grade, if enrollment space exists, and if the student meets all transfer conditions.
  • An approved intra-district transfer may be revoked at any time if there is false information on the transfer request form or if a student demonstrates unsatisfactory conduct and/or attendance.


What is an Inter-District Acceptance Permit?

Acceptance into an SGUSD School when the student belongs to a District other than the SGUSD. Requires District approved release from the resident School District to begin. Students accepted into the Dual Language Immersion program who live in a different district must be released from the home district first. Completion of a SGUSD Transfer Request is also required and must be approved by the Student Support Director.
What is an Inter-District Release Permit?
Release from a SGUSD school to attend another school District. Requires District Approval.

Remember, a release from your district of residence must be obtained before applying.


Please see the SGUSD's Inter District Transfer Policy and reasons for which SGUSD may grant a release (including the documentation that is necessary for each reason). 

Families requesting an inter-district transfer due to Child Care should submit this Childcare Affidavit to Student Support. SGUSD Board Policy requires that childcare providers be licensed.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.