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SGUSD Final Facilities Master Plan 2024

The 2023-24 Facilities Master Plan was approved by the Governing Board at the January 23, 2024 Board Meeting. 
The Facilities Master Plan is a comprehensive and forward-looking document designed to strategically address the current and future needs of the District’s educational infrastructure.  It outlines a roadmap for the development, renovation, and maintenance of the District’s school facilities over the next decade.
Approval of the Facilities Master Plan was the culmination of a 13-month process of engaging education partners across the School District to get input and feedback on a facilities vision.  In total more than 575 participants gave input across an online survey and more than 30 meetings to identify the needs and provide a vision for how the District’s facilities can best support students, staff, and the community into the future.

In developing the Facilities Master Plan, drew from the District’s Portrait of a Graduate competencies as well as the District’s Strategic Plan.  The guiding principles involved in the Facilities Master Plan were as follows:
  • Prioritize student safety and well-being in all aspects of facilities planning and design.
  • Ensure equitable access to high-quality educational facilities and resources for all students.
  • Promote sustainable and environmentally responsible practices that are practical, implementable and respect the use of public funds.
  • Create visionary facilities that align with the District’s Portrait of a Graduate.
  • Be transformative in how we think and re-imagine spaces to be future-ready, flexible, and better support and prepare the next generation of learners.
The Facilities Master Plan strives to create safe and welcoming learning environments where students attend and are connected to their schools.