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     The Public Relations, Information, and Social Media (PRISM) Internship Group functions like a student run news/media organization within San Gabriel Unified to promote our district, and engage with our community. This program seeks to amplify student voice, provide workforce development opportunities, and strengthen leadership and communication skills.      Selected student interns work under the supervision of Visual and Performing Arts Program Administrator - Samantha Theisen, 21st Century Learning and Professional Development Coordinator - Heather Wolpert-Gawron, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services - Dr. Joan Perez.         Membership is open to SGUSD high school students, and alumni.   This internship is not paid, however students will receive a completion certificate each semester, and a letter of recommendation upon request. 

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4 Pillars of PRISM 

Promote SGUSD
Engage with our Community
Develop Student Leaders and Career Skills
Amplify Student Voice
Specialties Covered: Journalism (including broadcast, print, and digital), communications, video production, marketing, public relations, media relations, crisis communications, event planning, social media, business and real-world skills such as interview techniques, ethics, and professionalism.Graphic design in an integral part of each of the above specialties, and PRISM will work in conjunction with Gabrielino's Graphic Design CTE courses, providing workforce development experience.

What do PRISM Interns Do? 
PRISM interns will participate in weekly meetings comprised of lectures, workshops, and discussions. The students will also work independently on their own time and with their peers to complete projects and assignments. Assignments may include regular social media posts, flyer/graphics creation, writing blog articles, publishing podcasts, covering events, video production, and assisting with crisis communication. Interns will be evaluated on their performance based on their contributions, and collaboration. (Evaluations do not impact academic standing.)
Student PRISM Interns will have the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in the field during weekly meetings, and will be mentored by college students currently majoring in communications, marketing, and/or Graphic Design. 
When are Meetings? Currently, weekly meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays from 3:30-4:45. This is subject to change as we transition from virtual academy to hybrid. Students who participate in other extra-curricular activities are encouraged to apply as the meeting schedule is tentative at this time.