Program Description- San Gabriel Valley Consortium

The San Gabriel Valley Consortium (SGVC) serves General Education and Education Specialist Induction Candidates in six partner districts and local private school(s). Administrative leaders and teacher leaders provide active guidance in the Consortium’s responsive growth and reflective practices. The San Gabriel Unified School District, as the Lead LEA, and the original partner districts, as well as districts invited to join the consortium recognize the value of shared commitment and the importance of high quality outcomes for our diverse student populations. To that end the SGVC endorses the following mission statements:

  1. Ensure an effective transition into the teaching profession for first- and second-year teachers in our community
  2. Improve the educational performance of students through high quality training and mentoring for Induction Candidates
  3. Enable Induction Candidates to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse
  4. Support the professional success and retention of new teachers
  5. Ensure that a well-trained Mentor provides intensive, individualized support and assistance to each Induction Candidate
  6. Ensure that an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is developed for each Induction candidate, based on continuing self-assessment in the CSTP, site administrations’ professional goals, long-term personal goals, and in-the-moment needs.

Together, our small districts and private school(s) form a diverse and strong context for Induction and mentoring. We are well supported by our SELPA (of which all districts are members), the professional development contributions of each partner district, and a robust menu of professional development provided in-house.

The ILP serves as the main induction document, and is designed to span the two year journey of a traditional candidate. The ILP and all mentor logs and documents are Google Docs. Protocols for sharing and storage are strictly reviewed during Program Orientation and ILP Goal Setting Workshops.

The SGVC Website is the primary source of information. Timelines are provided, including sequencing for the Early Completion Option, and are posted on the website; however, we recognize that some candidate work ahead and others require extensions. Candidates are encouraged to use the electronic tools to suite their learning style. Paper copies of key documents, such as the Continuum of Teaching Practice are available upon request.

Mentoring occurs in a large variety of delivery platforms, ranging from highly electronic (Google Hangout, Zoom, and Skype etc.) to face to face meetings and site PLCs. Workshops and SGVC sponsored Professional Development are offered at the San Gabriel District Education Center. SELPA Support Circles take place at the West San Gabriel Valley SELPA office in Alhambra, CA.

The San Gabriel Valley Consortium strives to build collaborative adult relationships that will endure beyond Induction; modeling best practices and taking feedback for program development very seriously. Mentors, district liaisons, and professional development providers endeavor to use knowledge of adult learning theory to connect to our candidates, to make Induction meaningful and personal, and to always keep students’ comprehensive needs in the forefront.

Induction is a program for teachers, by teachers and is not used for evaluative purposes.  

Partner Schools Participating in our Induction Program: