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Mathematics Placement Policy (SB 359)

Secondary Math Pathways, Effective April 2015 (revised)
Mathematics Placement Policy for Grades 6-9 Students, Effective June 2016
California Math Placement Policy for Pupils Entering Grades 7 and 9
The purpose of the policy is to create a fair, objective, and transparent protocol that serves pupils who are transitioning between elementary and middle school and middle school and high school. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, the District will implement the requirements of the California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 to accurately evaluate and place students in appropriate mathematics courses. The Policy is outlined below.
Middle School Placement
The Common Core courses for middle school grades are CC Math 6, CC Math 7, Accelerated CC Math 7/8, CC Math 8, and Accelerated CC Algebra 1. 
A. College Prep. Pathway
Placement Guidelines for Grade 6: All entering grade 6 students must be enrolled in CC Math 6. Attachment A (San Gabriel Unified School District 6-12 Mathematics Pathways) shows student placement options effective as of the 2015-2016 school year.
Middle School College Prep. Pathway
  • Students in grade 6 shall be placed in CC Math 6
  • Students in grade 7 shall be placed in CC Math 7
  • Students in grade 8 shall be placed in CC Math 8
B. Accelerated Pathway
CC Math 6
Accelerated CC Math 7/8
Accelerated CC Algebra 1 
The acceleration point for the Middle School is Accelerated CC Math 7/8. This rigorous course accelerates two years of math content to into a yearlong course that will prepare students for Common Core Algebra in 8th grade. 
Placement Guidelines for incoming 7th graders: Students entering grade 7 shall be placed in Common Core (CC) Math 7. 
Pre-requisites for placement into Math 7/8
  • Average grade in CC Math 6 = A
  • Placement test (MDTP: Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project) score 90% or above 
  •  Average Benchmark Results of 90% or above
    • “Standards Exceeded” on Grade 6 Mathematics portion of CAASPP
Schools should consider the above factors for an accelerated pathway where 3 years of mathematics are taught in two years’ time.
Placement Guidelines incoming for 8th graders:
Students entering grade 8 shall be placed in Common Core (CC) Math 8.
Students entering grade 8 who successfully complete CC Math 7/8 in 7th grade will be placed into CC Algebra 1.
Pre-requisites for placement into CC Algebra 1
  • Average grade in CC Math 7/8 = B or above
  • Placement test score 80% or above
  • Average Benchmark results of 80% or above
  • “Standards Met” or “Standards Exceeded” on Grade 7 Mathematics portion of CAASPP
  • Accredited summer school in CC Math 8
    • Grade = A or B
    • Placement test 80% or above on JMS placement test
High School Student Placement                                                                                                                                                                                                              The SGUSD courses for high school are Algebra Readiness, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Advanced courses will continue to be available, such as: Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus AB, BC.  See Attachment A for placement recommendations.                                                                                           
A. High School College Prep. Pathway:
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
**SGUSD has a 2-year math requirement at this time. Three years are required to be UC/CSU eligible.
B. High School Accelerated Pathway:
Students will have opportunities to accelerate at the high school level.  Options at the High School include: Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2 Honors Calculus with Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB or BC The acceleration point for High School is Honors Calculus with Pre-Calculus. This rigorous course accelerates more than one year of math content to into a yearlong course that will prepare students for AP Calculus AB or BC as the subsequent course
C. Placement of High School Students
Attachment A has the recommended course placement options for students in the 2015-2016 school year.
Requirements for Students Graduating in 2018 Students must pass math courses with a grade of “C” or better to earn A-G credit. They will have had the opportunity to take three years of math courses before they take the assessment in the 11th grade. The college prep. sequence for these students in 9th grade will be Algebra 1.
Algebra 1 Placement Guidelines for Students Entering Grade 9
  • Successful completion of Math 8
  • “Standards Met” and “Standards Exceeded” on Grade 8 Mathematics potion of the CAASPP
  • Proficient score on the MDTP assessment
  • Proficient score on combined 8th grade benchmark assessments 
Parent/Guardian and Pupil Recourse for Challenging Mathematics Placement
Students shall be enrolled in mathematics courses based on the placement protocols. No student shall repeat a mathematics course which he/she has successfully completed based on the district's placement protocols. Parent/Guardian may sign a waiver requesting that the pupil be placed in the next in sequence course, against the professional recommendation of site administration, acknowledging and accepting responsibility of this placement.