Letter Condemning Acts of Violence

Dear SGUSD Community,

This past weekend in our Nation, we have been stunned once again by the tragic events that happened in Buffalo, NY and Laguna Woods, CA. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims and the communities in which these senseless acts of violence took place. The United States Department of Justice is investigating both of these shootings as hate crimes, one targeting African Americans, and the other targeting Asian Americans. The San Gabriel Unified School District stands together in condemning this type of violence that shatters the core of our Nation’s principles, that all people have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

It is time as a Nation that we begin to have open conversations regarding racial and ethnic bias and the pain and suffering that can occur when extreme ideologies are cultivated within individuals or groups. We must address acts of racism that begin as covert bias and if left unchecked, can manifest into acts of violence as we witnessed this past weekend. Our goal in San Gabriel Unified School District, in alignment with our Portrait of Graduate competencies, is to develop students who are empathetic and global citizens. We believe that these conversations regarding racism and discrimination begin here, in our classrooms and on our campuses. These acts of violence provide us with an opportunity to teach the students we serve about the importance of tolerance, acceptance, love and understanding. I have confidence in our SGUSD community and staff to serve all students with love and compassion, modeling that same empathy and global citizenship we wish to nurture in our students.

As we continue our journey of developing our focus on equity in SGUSD, these events remind us that educating ourselves and our students on these challenging issues and having the difficult conversations are no longer an option, but a moral imperative. We have the opportunity to create leaders and students who can carry our SGUSD vision forward and out into the world. The ripple effect of one stone tossed into a pond can never be underestimated. We stand together in SGUSD against violence, racism, acts of hatred against any individual, and now is the time to be proactive as a community of compassion, empathy, and care.





                                                                                                                                                Jim Symonds