Special Education

The San Gabriel Unified School District (SGUSD) offers a full range of special education programs and services for approximately 550 students with special needs from ages three through 22. The School District is committed to providing appropriate services for students with special learning needs. With its highly regarded programs, innovative staff, and community partnerships, SGUSD ensures that every student with special needs in San Gabriel has the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Special education includes services such as speech and language support, psychological and counseling services, adapted physical education, occupational therapy and specialized academics instruction. Programs are provided on regular education campuses, and the special education staff is incorporated into the total general education staff at all schools.

SGUSD joins thirteen other school districts to form the West San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (WSGV SELPA). Although the majority of students are served in the district, there are a number of regionalized programs operated by individual districts for all students in the WSGV SELPA. Consequently some SGUSD special education students participate in specialized programs in neighboring school districts.

SGUSD offers Special Education Services which are provided primarily through three major delivery systems:
  • Related Services
  • Learning Center Services
  • Special Day Class Programs