Register for Summer Camps here!

SGUSD is proud to offer a selection of summer camps to choose from!  Registering for Summer Camps means your child will have the opportunity to be in a safe, fun, and engaging program all summer long! Register today!

Flyers with a calendar of dates and contact info are attached.  Contact info is listed below. 

Asian Youth Center (AYC) 

  • Dates: June 10th - July 12th 
  • Time: 8am-5pm
  • Registration: Call: (626) 662-0207 or email [email protected] 
  • For more information: visit 
  • Program Fee May Apply

Parks and Recreation Sports Program 

Options for Learning 

  • DatesJuly 15th - August 9th 
  • Time: 8am-5pm
  • Registration: New families should call 626-699-8070 to enroll. Families enrolled in the Jefferson program must call 626-284-9935 to enroll. 
  • For more information: visit
  • Free!

Camp Galileo 

 Music Immersion Experience MIE 

Right at School RAS

  • Location: McKinley Elementary and Washington Elementary
  • Dates and times: 
    • McKinley Elementary: June 10th - July 12th from 8:00am-5:00pm 
    • Washington Elementary: June 10th - August 9th from 8:00am-5:00pm 
  • For more information: call (855) 287-2466 
  • Program Fee May Apply

 Click here to view the Summer Camp Webinar

SGUSD Summer Camps Contact Information 

District Office 
Jumana Rose: (626) 451-5476 [email protected] 
Sonia Nagahiro: (626) 451-5445 [email protected]   
Program Partners 
Asian Youth Center (AYC): (626) 662-0207 [email protected]  
Camp Galileo: (800) 854-3684 [email protected] 
Music Immersion Experience (MIE): (626) 287-0512 x3240 j[email protected]  
Options for Learning: 
(626) 699-8070 for new enrollment 
(626) 284-9935 for currently enrolled families 
Parks and Recreation: (626) 308-2875 [email protected]  
Right at School (RAS): (855) 287-2466 [email protected]