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3rd Grade OLSAT8 and NNAT2 Initial Screening Completed

SGUSD has completed the initial screening for GATE qualification for 3rd grade students.  Students may also qualify for GATE with CAASPP scores in the 95th percentile, district-wide, in both Language Arts and Mathematics.  CAASPP scores will not be finalized until the end of August or early September.  



Parents of 3rd grade students received a summary of their students' OLSAT8 or NNAT2 scores with student report cards on June 7th.

PLEASE NOTE: GATE qualification letters will not be sent out until finalized CAASPP scores are received in September.


Understanding the OLSAT8 and NNAT2 Student Score Reports

OLSAT8 and NNAT2 scores are calculated using your child’s age percentile rank (Age PR) within his or her current age group among other students being tested this year.


The eligibility threshold for GATE qualification in San Gabriel USD is 95-99th percentile and 90-99th percentile for students in the targeted subgroups of English Learners, Foster Youth, Homeless, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, and Children of Military.



GATE Qualifying Scores: OLSAT8

Check under the “Additional Scores” box on your child’s score report. Students may qualify under any of the three categories listed within the Age PR (Age Percentile Rank.)


General Student Population                        Targeted Subgroups Population

Total: 95-99th                                                 Total: 90-99th

Verbal: 95-99th                                               Verbal: 90-99th

Nonverbal: 95-99th                                         Nonverbal: 90-99th



GATE Qualifying Scores: NNAT2

The NNAT2 was administered to English Learner students with CELDT levels of 1-3. Check the Percentile Rank box for the qualifying score of 90-99th Percentile.



GATE Qualifying Scores: CAASPP

Students may also qualify for GATE with state CAASPP scores.  These will be received and reviewed for GATE eligibility by early September of 2018.

Categories of Identification

SGUSD Board of Education has adopted a plan for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), which includes District policies and procedures for identifying gifted learners in three categories. The District’s policies and procedures for gifted/talented identification are in accordance with California State requirements and the Office for Civil Rights.

In accordance with California Ed Code, San Gabriel Unified School District defines a gifted and talented student as one who exhibits excellence or the capacity for excellence far beyond that of their chronological peers in one or more of the following gifted/talented categories: 

  • High Achievement
  • High Academic Ability
  • Specific Academic Ability
Eligibility Criteria for GATE Referrals

Students Eligible for Gifted/Talented Identification Referral: Students who are enrolled in the San Gabriel Unified School District. 

Students Ineligible for referral include students enrolled in:
  • Private schools.
  • Independent charter schools not authorized by SGUSD.
  • Home school programs not affiliated with SGUSD. 

For additional information on the qualification process, please scroll down to access the GATE Memorandum approved by the Board of Education in March 2018. 

2018 GATE Referrals
Third grade students will be identified for GATE programming through the qualification measures listed in the GATE Memorandum document.
Referral Process for Students in Grades 4-8

Students may be referred for GATE consideration by a parent, teacher, friend or self-referral. A Parental Referral and Consent form must be completed for students in Grades 4-8.The referral must be screened and the recommendation to continue the identification process must be made by SGUSD school certificated personnel. Recommendations must be supported by school records. 

CAASPP (California state test) scores will be used to determine eligibility.
High performance on the CAASPP does not guarantee GATE qualification.  Students in grades 4 through 8 may qualify for GATE under three categories:

High Academic Ability – Both ELA and Math (H)

CAASPP scores 95-99% or 90-94% for targeted subgroups (English Language Learners, Foster Youth, Child of Military Personnel, federally defined Poverty Level)


Specific Academic Ability – English Language Arts (E)*


Specific Academic Ability – Math (M)*

*CAASPP scores 95-99% or 90-94% for targeted subgroups (English Language Learners, Foster Youth, Child of Military Personnel, federally defined Poverty Level) for two consecutive years in the same content area.

Parents may submit the "Referral and Parental Consent Form" during the following Submission Windows:
  • August 15th-30th
  • December 1st-15th
The consent form is available on this website (scroll down), the San Gabriel Unified School District Education Center,  or at your student's school site.
For further information, please contact Jennifer Vargas, GATE Coordinator.
(626) 451-5485
What is GATE?
The San Gabriel Unified School District is proud to recognize the unique needs of students with extraordinary abilities through our program for Gifted and Talented Education or G.A.T.E.  The SGUSD GATE program identifies gifted and talented students and provides them with learning opportunities based on the principles that all students are to receive an education appropriate to their individual needs, capabilities, and interests.
GATE Program Models and Enrichment Activities
GATE students in SGUSD are served through a variety of program models and settings.  Curricular components are planned and organized as integrated differentiated learning experiences within the regular school day and may be augmented by extension activities related to the core curriculum. Elementary school GATE students receive differentiated instruction in the regular classroom based on their unique needs.  This may be achieved by using methods such as curriculum compacting, acceleration, or adding depth or complexity. At the secondary level, there are many opportunities for GATE students, such as Honors  and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, band, orchestra, mock trial, speech and debate, student government, and various school clubs. The SGUSD GATE program also includes extended learning activities for grades 4-8 related to the core curriculum through optional Saturday Enrichment classes.  Scroll down for more information in the Course Descriptions document below.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ GATE pdf) page under Resources.