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Public Records Act Requests

The San Gabriel Unified School Districts complies with all requests for district public records. All such requests should be directed to the Superintendent’s office for coordination. Contact the Superintendent's office at (626) 451-5403, fax (626) 451-5498, or email to ayala_z@sgusd.k12.ca.us.  If necessary, we may ask for clarification in order to fulfill a request.

Anyone may examine the district’s public records during regular business hours by appointment so long as the records are not confidential or exempt.

Anyone requesting paper copies of district records must pay the established fees.

The intent of the Public Records Act is to allow examination of existing public documents or records; there is no requirement to create new documents to satisfy a request for information.

If someone is making requests requiring information in a format not in existence, the full cost of creating the document, including employee time is charged to the person making the request.

The District must respond to the Requestor within 10 days with an estimate of when the request might be completed.   We find that many requests can be completed within a 10-day timeframe.  Some requests take additional time.

Click this link for a PDF which includes a Summary of the California Public Records Act of 2004 by the State of California Attorney's General Office.