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Educational Master Plan

San Gabriel Unified School District
The Purposes of Educational Master Planning

The main purposes of Educational Master Planning are as follows:

Develop major initiatives in District educational programs and services that will have a long-range positive impact on our students.

Compose action plans under each major goal that specify measurable objectives, activities, timelines, and resources in enough detail to facilitate implementation.

Identify the people responsible for implementing each activity and reaching each objective, to promote progress and ensure accountability.

Focus District resources, including staff time and energy, efficiently on important long-range issues, consistent with the District’s overall strategic directions.  All other things being equal, after the District has honored prior commitments and dealt with emergencies, the educational initiatives that appear in the Educational Master Plan should receive higher priority in the allocation of resources than a new educational initiative outside the Plan.
Nonetheless, implementation of every action plan is necessarily contingent on the timely availability of resources.

Measure progress and, when needed, revise the Plan to address additional long-range issues.
English Language Learners (ELL)