General User Policy







Electronic Information Resources (“EIR”) are available for use by students in the San Gabriel Unified School District (“District”).  These resources include electronic mail and on-line computer information services such as the Internet.  The District believes that its EIR will enhance student learning and promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communications.


While all students are responsible for appropriate use of EIR, the District will make every effort to protect students and their parents from its misuse or abuse.  Inappropriate use of these resources may violate state or federal laws and is strictly prohibited.


Listed below are the provisions of this Agreement.  Please read them carefully and sign as indicated.  When signed by you and your parent or guardian, this document becomes a legally binding contract.


Terms and Conditions of Agreement


A.            Definitions

As used in this Agreement, the terms “Electronic Information Resources” (“EIR”), “District Network” and "User Workspace” have the same meaning as defined in Section 2 of District Administrative Regulation No.              (Employee Use of Electronic Information Resources.), incorporated herein by reference.


B.         User Responsibilities

I accept personal responsibility for using the District's Electronic Information Resources in accordance with the following terms:

1.         I shall use the EIR and my account only for educational purposes consistent with the District's mission.

2.         I shall keep confidential and not use the District Network to display my EIR account number, home addressor telephone number.

3.         I shall use only the EIR account number personally assigned to me and shall be responsible at all times for the proper use of my account.

4.         I understand that I am expected to keep my electronic messages as brief as possible and send them only to known recipients or locations.

5.         I shall report any security problem or misuse of the EIR to the systems administrator.

6.         I understand that in using the District's EIR, I am expected to be polite, respect the privacy rights of others and refrain from any action that may cause damage or disruption to the District Network.

7.         I understand that I am responsible for the reasonable care and handling of the equipment and software assigned to me or under my supervision and direct use.  I shall not modify the District Network equipment or software without the prior approval of the systems administrator.

8.         I shall notify the systems administrator of any changes in my EIR account information.


In addition to the above terms, I further understand that I will be required to attend an orientation session on proper EIR use and conduct before being granted access to these resources.


C.             Prohibited Use

The use of the EIR is a privilege afforded students, not a right.  I understand that the following uses of the EIR are strictly prohibited and may subject me to discipline, the loss of EIR privileges and/or liability for violation of state and federal law:


1.             Violating another's right to privacy, such as accessing confidential personnel or student records;

2.             Accessing or transmitting material that is illegal, obscene, defamatory or so inciteful as to create a clear and present danger of the commission of illegal acts on school grounds or the substantial disruption of school operations;

3.         Using the EIR for personal financial gain, commercial activity or any illegal activity;

4.             Copying EIR software or materials in violation of copyright, trade secret or libel laws;

5.             Copying, modifying, or downloading the District's Network data or programs for personal use without District permission;

6.             Copying, modifying, deleting or forwarding another user's personal files and/or communications without that person's express prior consent;

7.         Using or disclosing private passwords, recognition codes, security access information or physical locking devices on any part of the District Network without the District's express written consent.

8.             Intentionally altering, damaging, disrupting or destroying the EIR or any part thereof; and

9.             Intentionally uploading, transmitting, downloading, creating or in any other manner using computer viruses which may cause damage to the EIR.


D.             Limitations on Services

I understand that the following limitations apply at all times to my use of the District's Electronic Information Resources:

1.         The District Network, User Workspaces and all information transmitted through electronic mail or any other part of the EIR is NOT PRIVATE.  Authorized District personnel shall have the right to search and monitor all parts of the EIR, including student electronic mail accounts and User Workspaces, for the purpose of maintaining the security of the system and preventing its abuse.


2.         Some of the material accessible through the District's online services may be illegal, obscene, defamatory or “harmful” as defined by law.  While the District does not condone student use of such materials, it cannot control the content of the internet. However, Internet access will be withdrawn from any student who violates any District

policy or regulation.


3.         The District makes no warranties, either express or implied, arising from employee access to the EIR.  The District shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by any student as a result of using the EIR, including, but

not limited to, damages suffered as a result of system delays, service interruptions, failed delivery of files or the acts of other District Network users. The District disclaims any responsibility for the content or accuracy of information from online services as well as any costs incurred by a student in the use of the EIR without District authorization.





STUDENT:  I have read and understand the provisions of this Agreement.  I agree to use the District's Electronic Information Resources in accordance with its terms and conditions or as directed by a teacher or authorized District representative.


Student's Name (please print):                                                                                                   


Dated:                                                  Signature:                                                                               


P ARENT OR GUARDIAN:  I am the parent or legal guardian of,                                                     

I have read and understand the provisions of this Agreement.  I understand that the District cannot control and restrict access to all controversial or inappropriate materials which may be accessible through the Districts online services.  I agree to hold the District and its officers, agents and employees harmless in the event my child obtains access to or transmits controversial or inappropriate materials while using the computer system.


Parent or Guardian’s Name (please print):                                                                                      


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